Draw Awesome Designs on Eggs

Draw Awesome Designs on Eggs

All Work and no play, Sunflower WIFI says no way!

Sunflower WIFI is not just about providing egg-cellent solutions for businesses to build their hotspot systems! I mean its a big part of it, and it pays the bills, and we do want our customers to believe that we are focused on hotspot captive portals 100% on the time, and.. oh man, why are we drawing on eggs?

Some one is going to get fired over this.

Oh well, we already made the video! Enjoy!


What You Need

  • Wax Candle
  • Standard No. 2 Pencil (but we won’t tell if use a No. 1, or a 2 1/2.)
  • Pin needle with metal head (See image below)
  • Paper Towels
  • Egg Dying Kit
  • Hardboiled Egg(s)
  • Patience & Creativity!
  • Adult Supervision for children (and some adults. You know who you are!)


Come on baby, light my fire!

We need to get the candle wax melting. Place your candle on a small dish or other item to prevent wax from leaking onto your nice table.

Candle on plate

Light the wick of the candle with a lighter or a match and place it just out of the way. Keep an eye on it! Little flames are known to be nefarious and, if not watched closely, can jump to things you rather not be on fire.

We will need the candle in just a moment, but first we must craft our instrument!

Insert the point of needle pin “A” into receptacle eraser “B”

The Egg Drawing Instrument

Take your pin and stick it into the the eraser of the pencil.


Decide on what to draw

You probably should of done this earlier. There is wax burning. Just wasting away, Mr. or Mrs. Money bags! Do you think wax just grows on trees?

Actually, I’m not entirely sure what wax grows on. I think its refined from beeswax. Never mind! It’s time to get creative!

For those with spirit animals on the more wild side go ahead and freestyle. For the rest of use sane folks, whose spirit animals are more along the lines of the awkward penguin variety, you can turn to the information super highway for ideas!

Google Image Search is a great place to find ideas!

Or.. or, now, just hear me out here, you could draw your favorite hotspot management provider’s logo.

Maybe, one of the Sunflower variety?

We’d love to see it! Send to @SunflowerWIFI or facebook.com/SunflowerWIFI.


First, firmly grasp the egg.

Firmly Grasped Egg

Too firm. Also, not hardboiled.

Gently grab your hardboiled egg.

Step 1. Draw some circles. Step 2. Draw the rest of the owl.


This is where the patience comes into the equation. Dip the head of your instrument (the needle stuck into the pencil) into the melted wax. Start with just a little bit of wax and attempt to draw the first line of your design onto the shell of your egg.

Egg instrument into wax

You have to be quick! The wax cools fast!

File Mar 26, 10 45 50 PM

The dye will not stick to anywhere the wax is present. Don’t worry if the wax turns black on the egg! We have a trick for that we’ll show you later!

Take your time and be creative!

Dye the Egg!

Once you are happy with your design it is time to dye your egg!

Follow the instructions on your egg dying kit for best results! Take egg out and let it air dry or pat it down with a paper towel.

Clean up the wax!

At this point, you probably have a beautiful, bright egg with a bunch of white, gray, or black wax on it. Lovely isn’t it?


Ok! Well, we have a solution! Lets clean your egg!

Don’t get out the lemon Pledge, just yet, instead grab a paper towel and your egg. Relight the candle, if you’ve blown it out.

If you did blow it out, I’m proud of you! It’s important to save wax. The rest of you should be ashamed.

We will be using the flame to melt the excess wax off so you may need to use another candle if the wick is not easily accessible.

Set the candle in a comfortable position in front of you. Grab a paper towel and your egg.


Place the egg close to the flame, but not touching the flame, where there are clumps of wax are on the egg. The wax will begin to shimmer once it starts to melt. Quickly wipe the excess wax off the egg.

Melt wax off egg

Rinse and repeat.

If you smudge the soot onto the egg, just heat it up again and wipe again. Be careful not to put the egg directly into the flame as it will create a soot burn that is not easy to remove.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy your beautifully designed eggs! Send your finished designs to @SunflowerWIFI or facebook.com/SunflowerWIFI.

Happy Easter!



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