How It Works



Place device at business location.

Sunflower WIFI cloud hotspot management system supports multiple devices. You may already own a compatible piece of hardware! We sell preconfigured devices as well! We also provide information to configure a device yourself!  






Customers connect.

Customers who want access to the internet or access to your special offers connect the WIFI hotspot just like they would any other WIFI network.







Customers interact with your business socially.

Once your customer connects to your WIFI hotspot they are immediately taken to the Sunflower WIFI captive portal. The portal encourages your customer to interact with your business on social media. This could mean checking in on Facebook to promote your business or following you on Twitter to subscribe to your updates.

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Customer Receives coupons.

Good behavior should be rewarded and nothing talks like money or the feeling of saving money. Facebook has banned rewarding users for “likes”, however “check ins” are still fair game, so take advantage of it! Reward your customers with a discount or a freebie for checking in on Facebook or following you on Twitter!

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Business receives organic social media exposure.

Your business social media presence grows. You increases your audience on Twitter and strengthen your EdgeRank score with your Facebook users! This makes your posts more powerful and help them reach more potential customers!

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Everyone wins!

The mutual benefit of the Sunflower WIFI cloud hotspot system helps you build lasting relationships with your customers and to reach new clients!

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